Ukrainian President Urges Global Union Against Russian Hostility at UN Assembly


“Untrustworthiness is the embodiment of malevolence,” declared Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky before the United Nations General Assembly, imploring a global union against Russian hostility persisting in his homeland.

Displaying fervor in his New York oration, President Zelensky voiced his fears over a nuclear-armed Moscow, alluding to a potential global catastrophe if Russia’s escalations went unchecked.

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Accusations of Russia turning every resource, from edible commodities to power supply, into military equipment were vehemently posited. Moscow’s brazen act of invasion has evoked widespread international repudiation.

The speech pivoted on Russia’s peril to global harmony. Zelensky affirmed that prevalent challenges like climate change could only begin to be adequately managed once Moscow’s territorial encroachments are reversed.

Zelensky stressed to the global leaders present, “As Russia nudges the world to ultimate warfare, Ukraine staunchly stands in the frontline, striving to preclude further instances of aggression following this Russian onslaught.”

Moreover, he criticized Russia’s possession of nuclear weaponry and called on international intervention to quell the conflict. He convinced global leaders that the unity of nations could restore deported persons, recompense victims of war crimes, repress any future weaponization, and repatriate the invader back to its borders.

He vehemently accused Moscow of pursuing a “genocidal” course through the abduction of Ukrainian children. Consequently, an arrest warrant was issued against Russian President Vladimir Putin by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the purported unlawful expulsion of these children to Russia.

Despite categorical denials from Moscow, a number of global organizations and experts have consolidated emerging evidence of Russia’s war crimes on Ukrainian soil.

He also cautioned against the opacity of bargains engineered to conclude the war – Europe’s largest conflict since the Second World War. Zelensky emphasized that its resolution would bear universal implications, framing Russia’s objective as wielding Ukraine “a weapon against the rule-based international order”.

His remarks clearly targeted those nations, especially from the ‘Global South’ including Brazil and India, that have chosen neutrality in the conflict.

Some countries have even deepened their economic collaboration with the Kremlin. Western powers have been mobilizing at the UN to better address wider concerns surrounding developmental issues and climate change.

In contrast, President Zelensky commended US President Joe Biden’s speech, singling out the warning against hefty repercussions if Russian hostility continued unchecked.

President Biden questioned, “If we let Ukraine be annexed, can the independence of any nation be guaranteed?” He underscored the shared danger Russia’s belief, that its unopposed torment of Ukraine could carry on indefinitely, posed to global stability.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, whose nation supports Russia militarily and stands as a pivotal ally, accused the US of fueling the Ukrainian conflict.

Asserting a conspiracy of weakening European nations through the Ukraine crisis, Raisi conveyed to the New York gathering that he perceived the situation as an unfortunate manifestation of a long-term US strategy.