Ukraine Missiles Ignite Crimean Shipyard: 24 Injured, Russian Ships Damaged


In a cacophony of fire and smoke, a missile strike traced back to Ukraine ignited a shipyard in Crimea, the stunning scene framed in a photograph shared by Mikhail Razvozhayev, the Russian-installed governor. This destructive barrage incurred substantial damage and injured a reported 24 individuals, painting a horrifying picture of violence and unrest.

The target was a shipyard in Sevastopol, a locale known for hosting Russia’s Black Sea fleet. Russia has pointed fingers at Ukraine for this act of aggression, claiming it launched a total of ten missiles and deployed three unmanned boats. But despite this intimidating attack front, Razvozhayev stated that most missiles were intercepted, showcasing Russia’s defensive resilience.

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The Russian defence ministry reported that the barrage was not without consequences, cutting through the intercepted defenses and damaging two Russian ships with the brutal precision of cruise missiles. Razvozhayev’s published photo on Telegram added a visual dimension to this narrative, showing what appears to be a vessel devoured by flames while he narrates the unfolding scene into his phone.

Images showing the colossal scale of the explosions surfaced on social media, although these have not been conclusively verified. Past instances have seen Ukraine targeting Sevastopol and the Black Sea fleet, but this attack stands out in terms of its directness and ferocity. Fears are escalating that this was carried out using western-supplied long-range missiles.

The fact that some missiles breached Russia’s air defenses and caused substantial damage casts a shadow of concern on the country’s capital, Moscow.

In an unsettling turn of events, Ukraine too had its share of damage. Its grain port of Izmail, positioned on the Danube river, faced the brunt of multiple drone attacks reportedly orchestrated by Russia. These strikes ignited a severe fire, undermining the infrastructure, and resulting in six people getting injured. Oleh Kiper, the governor of the Odesa region, confirmed these events on Telegram, painting a worrying picture of the escalating crisis, “Damage to the port and other civilian infrastructure has been recorded,” he said, adding an ominous tone to an already tense situation.