UK Women Sue Bayer Over Contraception Coil Complications


A legal battle has just begun for two hundred women in the United Kingdom who claim enduring physical and mental damage from a permanent contraception device. Their plight targets its manufacturer, the German pharmaceutical giant, Bayer, who they accuse of inflicting suffering with its persistent contraception coil- Essure.

Essure— a small, flexible coil inserted into the fallopian tubes— works by causing scar tissue formation as a barrier to sperm. This simple non-surgical sterilization option was introduced in 2002 as an alternative to conventional surgery. However, the claimants allege that the device resulted in a spectrum of complications ranging from continuous discomfort to severe bleeding, culminating in some cases in the surgical removal or hysterectomy.

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Among the litigants is Deborah Chalk, who had the device implanted after her third child’s birth. Reporting a host of issues including headaches, abdominal pain, rashes, severe bleeding, extreme itching, and mood swings, Chalk’s life was consumed by these detrimental effects. However, doctors attributed her symptoms to Crohn’s disease. The turning point came when she underwent a Computed Tomography (CT) scan and a doctor casually mentioned the device. She then linked the coil to her chronic ailments.

When Chalk finally had the device removed through a private hysterectomy, she reported feeling immediate relief. This string of unfortunate events soon faded into laughter and smiles as her mood improved dramatically, free of any health issues.

Despite mounting claims, Bayer vows to ferociously counter the accusations and defend the Essure coil’s safety and efficacy record. Bayer officials state unequivocally that while all birth control measures come with risks, Essure’s benefit-risk profile remains positive, founded on comprehensive scientific evidence from ten clinical trials and over seventy real-world studies with thousands of women.

The lead legal representative for these two hundred women, Lisa Lunt, head of medical-product claims at law firm Pogust Goodhead, expressed her disappointment at the pain and suffering that Bayer allegedly unleashed on thousands of women worldwide. She hopes Bayer will compensate her clients for their unnecessary torment.

Around the globe, Bayer is battling significant legal challenges related to Essure. Despite maintaining their non-liability stance and admitting no wrongdoing, Bayer has already paid out over $1.6 billion in the United States, to put to rest claims from nearly 39,000 women.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to advocate the device for successful users, urging them to continue its usage.