UK to Charge Five Bulgarian ‘Russian Spies’ with Espionage Conspiracy


Five individuals suspected as Russian spies will soon face espionage conspiracy charges in the United Kingdom. The defendants, Orlin Roussev, Bizer Dzhambazov, Katrin Ivanova, Ivan Stoyanov, and Vanya Gaberova, are set to attend a hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday. It is posited that they all hail from Bulgaria and stand accused of conspiring to extract and relay information beneficial to Russia between August 2020 and February 2023. This follows a thorough investigation conducted by the Metropolitan Police.

The allegations declare that the accused were part of an operational spy cell benefiting Russian security services, participating in surveillance activities and actively working on clandestine operations in both the UK and across Europe. Material gathered from their activities was allegedly funneled back to the Russian government.

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The 45-year-old Roussev is believed to have coordinated these operations directly from the UK, subsequently transmitting the gathered intelligence. Authorities who scoured properties located in London and Norfolk, belonging to Roussev, Dzhambazov, and Ivanova, reportedly discovered counterfeit passports and identity documents related to several European countries, with some bearing photos of Roussev and Dzhambazov. Interestingly, allegations state that Roussev had personally forged some of these documents.

Further suspicion ensues as they stand accused of orchestrating a surveillance exercise in Montenegro. This allegedly involved fraudulent journalist ID cards, with one bearing a likeness to Ivanova.

Roussev, Dzhambazov, and Ivanova have resided in the UK for several years, during which time they engaged in diverse lines of work and relocated between various suburban homes. Interestingly, Roussev boasts a history of transactions relating to Russia. He first migrated to the UK in 2009 and subsequently spent three years working in financial services. According to his LinkedIn profile, he later established a business specializing in signals intelligence–a sector dedicated to the interception of communications and electronic signals.

Roussev’s most recent address directs to a scenic guesthouse situated in Great Yarmouth. Interestingly, he claimed to have once served as an adviser to the Bulgarian ministry of energy. Neighbors from Harrow recall Dzhambazov and Ivanova as a couple. Dzhambazov, a hospital driver, and Ivanova, a private health business laboratory assistant, have lived in the UK for around a decade. Beyond work, they maintained a community organization offering services to fellow Bulgarian immigrants, intending to help them acclimate to British culture and societal norms.

They also undertook responsibilities for facilitating voting in Bulgarian elections for citizens residing abroad. As stated in Bulgarian public documents, this operation transpired in London. Lastly, there’s Gaberova, a renowned beautician who managed a business named Pretty Woman and served as a judge at eyelash competitions.