UK PM’s Aide Betting on Snap Election under Investigation for Insider Trading


In a riveting revelation that borders on a political thriller, it has come to light that Craig Williams, the right-hand man of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, laid a £100 ($US128) wager predicting a July general election, mere days ahead of the unexpected announcement from the Prime Minister himself. Williams, who serves as Sunak’s parliamentary private secretary, took advantage of his insider information to chance a potentially dodgy flutter, which now finds itself under the scrutinizing spotlight of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Entering the betting arena through the digital portal of the Ladbrokes sports betting platform, Williams gambled at odds of 5-1. His stakes immediately triggered an alert, given his standing as a ‘politically exposed person’. As per anti-money laundering regulations, bookmakers need to closely monitor politicians engaging in betting activities owing to their heightened risk of involvement in bribery, corruption, and consequent money laundering.

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When Williams enrolled with Ladbrokes, he would have disclosed personal details like his birth date and submitted a copy of a photographic identification. The betting platform would also track the location of the bet. After identifying the potential infraction, Ladbrokes channelled the case to the UKGC, which initiated an inquiry into the bet given its potential classification as a criminal offense due to the alleged use of insider information.

In response to the situation, Williams chose a path of complete transparency. He admitted placing a wager on the general election a few weeks prior and expressed his readiness to fully cooperate with the ongoing inquiries from the UKGC. Although he reassured that he didn’t want the matter to turn into a sidelining distraction ahead of the general election.

Interestingly, unlike in the US, prop bets spanning political events are legally allowed in the UK. However, US regulators, as well as UK operators, are skeptical of bets that could be influenced by individuals in possession of non-public, privileged information or bets that may involve a closely knit group of people.

Adding to the allure of this tangled tale, is the unexpected ‘snap’ election called upon by Sunak on Wednesday, May 22. This decision brewed surprise across the political spectrum as the Prime Minister’s Conservative Party has been lagging in the polls since the onset of 2022. However, the underlying reason often attributed to snap elections is an incumbent political party’s strategy to take advantage of the opposition’s frailties.

As for bookmakers’ predictions, the Labour party seems to be riding a tidal wave of confidence with Paddy Power offering odds of 1/200 (a staggering 99.5% implied probability) for a Labour victory in the upcoming July 4 vote.

Amidst this unfolding drama, Labour MP Jonathan Ashworth expressed his shock over the revelations involving Williams, criticising Sunak’s passive response to the situation and portraying the Prime Minister as weak for withholding knowledge of the insider betting issue for over a week.