Ugandan Man Experiences Canada’s Snowfall for First Time, Video Goes Viral


A heartwarming spectacle unfolded in Quebec recently, one which rapidly found an audience in the millions through the popular social media platform, TikTok. The enthralling event entailed a Ugandan gentleman, witnessing and interacting with snowfall for the first time in his life.

“With tremendous joy welled up in my heart, I can finally say I’m in Canada,” the man’s voice echoes, as his wife titters behind the lens. “Indeed, this is the quintessential essence of Canada.”

This viral video, commanding more than 5.3 million views up to the most recent update, was streamed under the TikTok handle @peterandmarie. This platform chronicles the enchanting and cross-continental love journey of Peter, a Ugandan native, and Marie, a resident of French-speaking Quebec. They met online and stood the test of long-distance, traversing across the globe to be united.

The man recording the video, Peter, was delighted as he found himself amidst snowy Magog for the first time just this week.

“Such stunning vistas, so vividly white,” he exclaims in the video, gently caressing the soft, icy particles with a look of awe.

“No words can describe how gleeful I am.”

Viewers, indulging in the sharing of this moment, have humorously anticipated his reactions in times to follow. One even going so far as to jest, “The current joy may not be the sentiment by February.”


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