UEFA Welcomes Russia’s Return to U17 European Competitions Amid Opposition


In a striking departure from its ongoing embargo, UEFA has announced Russia’s reinstatement in the U17 European competitions. This decision arrives 19 months post the nation’s invasion of Ukraine. UEFA stresses that the young athletes should not be burdened with the sins of their older counterparts. The governing body of European football firmly advocates football’s role as a beacon of peace and hope.

In contrast, the Football Association has refrained from supporting UEFA’s choice, extending the charge to abstain from playing against Russia should such an occurrence present itself. Dissenting from UEFA’s renewed stance, an FA spokeswoman highlighted the organization’s persistent opposition to Russia’s readmission into age-grade tournaments, affirming that England would maintain a non-engagement policy towards Russia.

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The conflict’s dawn in February 2022 saw Russian teams unceremoniously ousted from UEFA competitions amid a sweeping suspension. The repercussions were also evident with the discontinuation of Saint Petersburg and Kazan’s stint as hosts for the 2022 Champions League final and 2023 Super Cup. Furthermore, UEFA terminated its affiliation with Gazprom, a state-owned energy mogul.

While it continues to censure Russia’s illicit warfare, UEFA has provided reassurance that the suspension hovering over the majority of Russian teams persists. The organization’s president, Aleksander Ceferin, affirmed UEFA’s staunch stand against violence, promising that their stance will endure until peace triumphs. He also expressed concern over the impact of the ban on young athletes, viewing it as a form of discrimination. Ceferin optimistically noted that enabling these children to compete with their European peers could pave the way for a more promising and capable future generation.

UEFA’s executive committee proposed a technical solution to reintegrate teams into operational U17 competitions. However, these matches won’t allow Russian teams to display their flag, wear the national kit, or play their national anthem, and Russia won’t be their venue.

The upcoming Under-17 male European Championship finals are set to occur in Cyprus in the following year, with the women’s equivalent scheduled for Sweden next May.

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