Types of water features to add to your home


Types of water features to add to your home

When you close your eyes and imagine a water feature in your garden, calm and tranquility is what come to mind. Water features create a unique appearance in your garden’s landscape, add sound, texture, movement, and make your landscape feel natural and remarkable. Besides being attractive and functional, water features increase your property value and have positive health benefits. Today’s article, looks at the types of water features you can consider for your home. 

  1. Ponds

Ponds come in three types, natural, fish ponds, and container ponds. Container ponds are small and require the least work in terms of installation and maintenance. Your container needs to be waterproof, can be as large or small, and are perfect for small spaces. Natural ponds need more care, but if you have plans to install fishponds later, they are a better option. They are aesthetically beautiful, have simple installation depending on your desired size, and are great for water plants. Fish ponds share the features of a container pond and natural pond, but they require specialized maintenance to keep them safe and comfortable for the fish. 

  1. Water fountains

Water fountains offer the most variety in terms of style and variation. You can get anything from smaller sizes for compact spaces to a large yard fountain if you have space. Fountains often include a statue and LED lights to ramp up the mystery and create elegance. The sound they make depends on whether your fountain dribbles lazily or pours down in volumes. In some fountains, you can lower and increase the noise volume to fit your needs. You can have them designed with water conservancy in mind so you can use water you recycle, perhaps from the pool.

  1. Streams

Do you have a large yard? A stream is probably the best option for you if you are thinking of a water garden oasis. They are versatile in design and have relaxing sounds. Streams also encourage plant growth and add beauty to your yard. If you prefer streams, you need to have other features installed, so it doesn’t look like it dropped randomly. They are labor-intensive, but it’s worth the extra effort.

  1. Reflecting pool

Would you like to create a Zen garden? A reflective pool might be the right fit for you. Reflectance pools are more subdued than other water features. Typically, reflective water pools don’t have plants, fountains, fish, or waterfalls. They create a beautiful reflection and to look like they occurred naturally. You can choose to reflect scenic mountains, a unique structure, a colorful tree, or anything that inspires you. Locate your pool away from deciduous trees, so leaves don’t fill it. Also, have a filtration system to control algae growth and control insect breeding.

This list is not a definitive list of the types of water features you can add to your outdoor. Research a little on other models and maintenance, but if you want something low maintenance, a fountain

might be your best option.


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