Two young men capsized in Pointe Claire – Happy Ending


by Rhonda Massad

Two young men in their early twenties found themselves in the cold waters off the shores of Pointe Claire today.  Lady Luck was on their side that clear Sunday afternoon with a temperature of 17°C on October 11, when two other sailors, Claude and Frederique Martin spotted them.

Pointe Claire Yacht Club
Claude Martin and his niece Frederique Martin say they just did what any sailor would have done.

“At first I saw a white thing in the water,” Claude Martin told the West Island Blog, “I knew something was up and I circled around.  Originally the two men did not respond to my offer to come aboard but after circling around them a little more they decided to leave their capsized vessel for safety.”

Martin used his VHF radio to contact the auxiliary Coast Guard stationed in Baie D’Urfé from his location at bouey number 20.   The Martin team threw the boys a heaving line and were directed to take them to the Pointe Claire yacht club where an ambulance was waiting to take them to the hospital to verify for any injuries.

According to Robert Gobby of Urgence Santé who was on site the story had a happy ending and the boys were just brought to the hospital as a precaution.

Pointe Claire Yacht Club
Urgence Santé as well as the PC Fire Department are happy with the outcome.



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