Two Pit Bulls Suspected in Disturbing Deaths of Smaller Dogs in Halifax


A disturbing event unrolled recently in the normally serene Bedford neighbourhood of Halifax, when two smaller dogs were found dead. Investigations conducted by Animal Control indicate that a pair of pit bulls, belonging to the same owner, could potentially be the culprits.

Initially, it was stated that only one dog was involved. The first incident unfolded when a pit bull allegedly attacked another smaller dog in a backyard where it was tending to its puppies. The smaller dog unfortunately succumbed to its injuries, and Halifax Regional Police were called in to investigate.

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As if that was not tragic enough, a nearly identical scenario was reported the subsequent morning. A small dog, out for a morning walk with its owner, was attacked and ultimately killed. Allegedly, the same pit bull from the previous incident was the assailant. Animal Control, having been alerted, took the accused pit bull into custody for further probing.

Although the assumption was that a single dog was responsible for both incidents, neighbourhood dwellers affirm differently. They insist the attacking animals in both incidents were distinct, although they shared the same owner.

On Tuesday, officials verified that they were assessing this possibility. “Animal Services is educated about the potential existence of a second dog involved and are continuing to probe diligently,” said Public Affairs advisor, Klara Needler.

One of the animals was seized this Sunday and is currently housed at the municipality’s Animal Sheltering Service in Dartmouth. For now, any further details about the seized animal or photographs have been withheld due to the ongoing investigation.

The potential implication of two dogs in these incidents has proven to be unnerving for many, including animal advocate Cathy Prothro. The former American Staffordshire Terrier breeder expressed her anguish over the situation stating, “It’s wrenching for me when animals are attacked or killed, people are hurt. But, I believe we must examine the precise circumstances surrounding the incident, to truly understand what transpired.”

The consecutive incidents have ignited discussions among online communities concerning animal safety and responsible pet ownership. Prothro shares that there are valuable lessons already available from this unfortunate situation. She emphasized the importance of basic animal control items like a leash, crate, or a properly constructed fence, to protect not just one’s own pets but those of others as well.

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