Two New Infections Recorded In Nova Scotia On Sunday


Last Sunday, Nova Scotia recorded two more infections, which places its total number of active cases at 29. Both cases were recorded in the province’s central health zone. Of the two, one is travel-related. The individual had recently traveled outside the region. The other deemed a close contact of a previously documented infection.

Both persons are under self-isolation as mandated by health guidelines. Labs in the province performed 3685 tests on Saturday.

Two persons have been hospitalized because of the virus, with one under intensive care.

In a recent press release, Iain Rankin, Premier, noted that the figures are low, which is encouraging. He thanked the province for its vigilance. He urged the people to continue following health guidelines – put on masks, wash their hands, and maintain physical distancing.

He added that anyone feeling unwell should stay at home, self-isolated if instructed to do so, and go for tests on a regular basis.

As of the 4th of March, the province has vaccinated 38676 persons, with 14395 persons receiving the second dose.

Health Canada also approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is expected in the next month. Last Saturday, the Halifax police recorded three infections at one of their facilities. Local media reported that they are working with health officials in implementing social distancing rules and in carrying out cleaning procedures.


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