Two New Brunswick Deputy Ministers Cause Huge Expenses To Taxpayers


Two New Brunswick deputy ministers, one from St. John and the other from Quispamsis, have spent thousands of dollars for accommodation and mileage while traveling back forth between the cities. The deputy ministers have traveling back and forth to Fredericton from the Saint John area in order to run their departments.

John Logan, who heads the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, has cost the province $9,219.08. All of this money is billed for 85 overnight stays in Fredericton in 2020, where he went to attend business at department headquarters.

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Nicolle Carlin, director of communications for Premier Blaine Higgs, said that Logan works in Fredericton and that he often chooses not to commute home when he finishes his workday.

“John Logan works mostly out of the Fredericton office,” said the statement. “When he’s in Fredericton, he usually stays in the city for more than a day.”

Yennah Hurley, a deputy minister who runs the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture, also spends lots of money on accommodation and mileage expenses while traveling from Quispamsis to her workplace.

She was paid $9,550 to offset Fredericton accommodation expenses in 2020 but also billed over $900 in mileage charges during that time. Although she has traveled 24 times down Highway 7, her department said that the charges were for legitimate government business.

Similarly, the premier’s chief of staff and deputy minister, Louis Léger, and his principal secretary, Paul D’Astous, were paid the same $955 per month as a “living allowance”. D’Astous lives in Quispamsis while Léger is a resident of Sainte-Marie-de-Kent.