Two Nevada Officials Calling for the Widening of Route 1-15 Connecting Las Vegas to Southern California


Two Nevada officials are calling for the widening of Interstate 15, linking Southern California to Las Vegas. Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom is skeptical of the proposed high-speed train linking Las Vegas to Southern California and instead noted that easing traffic congestion on the main route would be a better investment.

“There’s no better investment than to add one or two lanes more to 1-15. If we’re going to build the railroad, why not add the lanes at the same time? This makes the widening of the 1-15 critically important to keep freight moving seamlessly across the country.”

Route 1-15 from Vegas to California border has six lanes, three southbound to Los Angles and three going north to Las Vegas. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman believes that widening 1-15 from four to six lanes from the border town of Primm to Barstow would ease the movement of freight and people.

Goodman added that traffic issues affect the number of tourists visiting Las Vegas from California. The traffic issues start after crossing into California, where traffic is chocked down into lanes in each direction. Thus the widening of the Golden State highway will require funding from the California Department of Transportation.


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