Two Million Visits – Check out the year in review on video


By Rhonda Massad

I sat down several times to write this post. It was difficult to express my gratitude for a community that has welcomed the West Island Blog with open arms. When I started writing my hope was to bring us all together somehow and it has happened. My family often refer to the outpouring of readers as “West Island Viral”. How do I put that into words?

Two million people have visited the West Island Blog to meet their neighbours, join in activities, meet the businesses and read about local happenings. They find out where they can contribute and how they can support one another. It is West Island magic on the internet.

People have joined in the writing and community mindede sponsors are helping to keep it alive.

When I was at the West Island Mission Christmas food basket delivery I knew what I wanted to say to you.

I have spent close to three years with one goal in mind. To unite our community and find a way to connect with one another in a fast-paced world that feels dedicated to bad news and tragedy.

As I watched more than 175 West Island residents over the course of two days triage, wrap and prepare baskets for each of the 270 families I knew I was doing the right thing by showcasing a community of generous givers with all of you who choose to check in on the West Island Blog on the website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linked In.

It is not that we need to see this for the glory or congratulations that inevitably come when we do charitable work. We need to see it to give us renewed hope and pride that we live in one of the best communities in the world. To remind us of how lucky we are.

We are a society that gives when the need arises. We step up and care. We should be proud that in a world that often looks bleak from a news perspective our little piece of heaven is sharing kindness and love.

I want to take this moment to thank you all for reading the West Island Blog.

I wish you a very happy and healthy season of joy and a New Year filled with health and laughter.

Take a look at the video that touches on some of the news we have covered.



Rhonda Massad,
Founder of West Island Blog


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