Two Lucky Lotto Players in Ontario and Quebec Claim Six-Figure Prizes


An exhilarating weekend surprise awaits two fortunate lottery players residing in disparate provinces, who can now boast of pocketing a whopping six-figure prize each. Indeed, an extraordinary way to bid adieu to the week!

The renowned Lotto 6/49 drawing transpired on the evening of Saturday, March 23. The Gold Ball prize, now a striking $18 million, was left untaken as no champions were declared for the top reward. Yet, the evening led one lucky gambler to claim the stupendous $1 million White Ball award. Owing to the exact match of the winning number 53849650-01, PlayNow confirmed an Ontario-sold ticket had won this splendid prize.

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The triumphant numerals revealed for the Lotto 6/49 Classic Draw Prize were 02, 14, 26, 27, 33, 49, bolstered with a bonus digit, 08. The illustrious $5 million top prize passed this round without a winner’s claim. Nevertheless, two fortunate souls syncopated with luck, matched their tickets with five of the six winning digits, coupled with the bonus digit, thus securing the second laurel. The spoils, evenly halved, will be dispatched as individual checks of $101,720.60 to each beneficiary. The reciprocal provinces of Ontario and Quebec boasted the sale of these golden tickets.

The succeeding numerals for the Lotto 6/49 Classic Draw Extra came as 42, 48, 58, and 91. Despite no claims staked for the $500,000 reward, a vivacious match with the Encore number 1825130 transformed a fortunate Ontarian into a millionaire overnight.

Enthusiasts eager for a go at Lady Luck should be warmed up for the forthcoming draw, scheduled for Wednesday, March 27. The Gold Ball bounty has further surged to an impressive $20 million. The chance to play and win at Lotto 6/49 comes at a mere $3 per play. Truly alluring odds for those with a pang for high stakes and destiny’s glorious touch!