Two Hospitalised as BC Transit Bus Collides with SUV in Victoria Intersection


In the heart of a bustling intersection in Victoria, a BC Transit bus and an SUV collided, necessitating the hospitalisation of two individuals. The incident transpired at the crossroads of Douglas and Bay streets shortly prior to 5:30 pm on a recent Saturday, according to a representative from BC Transit.

The bus, belonging to the local transit service, was heading northwards on Douglas Street when it was struck by another vehicle advancing eastwards on Bay Street. The entire event was documented by a neighbourhood surveillance camera and subsequently disseminated on various social media platforms.

In the video footage, a black SUV can be observed glancing off the bus’s front, shattering its windshield in the process. Following this, the SUV proceeds to collide directly with a sedan stationed on Bay Street.

BC Transit has confirmed that during the mishap, passengers were onboard the bus, with two of them later escorted to the hospital with injuries of a non-threatening nature. According to the transportation service, no additional injuries were reported from any other passengers onboard the bus or any other involved vehicles.

BC Emergency Health Services have corroborated BC Transit’s statement, verifying that it had dispatched three ambulances to the incident site, eventually transporting the two aforementioned passengers to the hospital.

The bus in question sustained significant damage due to the collision, most notably to the front of its windshield, leading to a halt in its service, as reported by BC Transit.

The corporation extended its gratitude towards the emergency services for their prompt response, reiterating that safety remains a paramount concern. Moving forward, BC Transit plans to aid the Victoria police during their investigation into this unfortunate incident, while also steering an internal inquiry into it. The Victoria Police Department is anticipated to provide more insights which would be included in future updates to the story.


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