Two Friends Deemed Dead And Missing After A Condo Collapse In Miami


Michelle Pazos and Anastasia Gromova decided to experience a bit of Miami together before Gromova headed out of Montreal for an opportunity outside of Canada.

Now, Pazos and the father are dead, while Gromova’s kin are desperately seeking answers after a condo the three were staying in went down in June, killing 97 persons.

Sergiy Gromova, the father of Anastasia, noted that the 24-year-old and the friend, Pazos, were quite close. They had wanted to spend time together at Florida’s Surfside Condo, that Pazo’s father owned, before Gromova headed out to her new teaching job in Japan.

Police in Miami-Dade noted that they got Pazos’ remains out of the rubble of the Champlain Towers South Building, on the 9th of July. Miguel Pazos’ body was pulled out the following day.

Gromova’s kin flew out to Miami, and are among families that are seeking answers. Gromova noted that the wait has been traumatizing. They posed question, but officials in Miami had not answers, or issued responses that were not direct.

He added that the family is scheduled to head back home in a week’s time, but he can’t imagine leaving without Anastasia’s body.

A 66-year-old, Ingrid Ainsworth, was identified as the first Canadian to be pulled off the rubble. She and Tzvi, her Australian husband, had gone to Canada shortly before they moved to Australia, and, finally, Florida. The couple is survived by seven children. They had gone to Miami to celebrate two newborn grandchildren.


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