Two Climbers Hope To Become The First All-Women Group To Climb Mount Lucania in Yukon


Pascale Marceau and Eva Capozzola are hoping that they will become the first all-women group that will conquer Mount Lucania in Yukon if the weather allows it. In order to climb one of the highest mountains in Canada, two adventurers will need to complete their stay in Whitehorse for two weeks before the ascent starts.

Pascale Marceau, from Ottawa, and Eva Capozzola, who currently lives in Golden, B.C., will attempt to climb the third highest mountain in Canada (5,226 meters). Mount Lucania is right next to Mount Logan, the tallest mountain in the country.

Marceau said:

“The reason, I guess, is its appeal. It’s really on a path less travelled.”

The journey will be quite dangerous because the weather on Mount Lucania is unpredictable and two climbers will need to use their mountaineering skills to make it through the route. They will need to be mindful of the snowpack as well. Capozzola said that this year, the snowpack is deeper and therefore more dangerous than in the last few years.

She added:

“That area gets a lot of wind, so we’ll just have to see how that has transported the snow, how that’s affected the conditions. We’ll just have to take it one day at a time and use our judgment.”

They have been isolating in Airbnb in Whitehorse for the last two weeks, getting ready for conquering the mountain. Marceau stated that the COVID-19 pandemic prevented them from preparing together for this journey.

She added:

“We didn’t get to do a lot of climbing together and all the logistics and stuff. So these two weeks [of isolation] have just been wonderful. We’ve been able to prepare, go through all our gear. It’s kind of a welcome little calm.”

This will be Marceau’s second attempt at the mountain. They hope this time around will mark the first all-women group to complete the climb.


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