TV at it’s best and most inexpensive – X ACT TV Business of the week


By Rhonda Massad

Do you want to eliminate or at least reduce your cable costs by a ton?

Do you want to catch up on all your favorite TV shows without having to search through your PVR and figure  out which one the last one you watched?  Do you hate filtering through the repeats?

Sounded too good to be true for me as well.   So when Marcel of X ACT TV asked me to try out his product in the hopes I would endorse it I figured “what the heck” and let him try to WOW me.

This little device is so easy to use I could not believe it. That is key for me, I am not interested in learning to be a tech wiz.  It was installed in under five minutes.  There is live support to guide you through it and continued support until you are completely satisfied.

It’s a small round box that holds the secret to TV freedom.  Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.29.26 PM

Of course my first question was “is it legal?” turns out it is, as long as you are streaming it is all good. No downloading.  I have unlimited streaming on my house WIFI plan so – good to go.

You can watch any movie or TV show that is out.   What I found particularly interesting was that you could also transform your TV into a computer. Meaning you can access all the features you have on your lap top or desk top.  You can use the remote that comes with it or get an optional air mouse / keyboard remote that makes typing really easy.

I take online exercise classes and will no longer need to watch the lap top screen to do it.  I checked out my Facebook and linked in and couldn’t help myself – I looked at the West Island Blog on a full TV screen.  FUN!

After three weeks of use I can honestly say it has not gone down, acted up or a dropped the feed.  According to Marcel boxes like these can vary in terms of quality. You can buy one for less but you get what you pay for.  XACT TV will help you get started and have customer support. Which is critical for me.  I want help if I run into a snag.

If you want to learn more about how to reduce your cable costs or just have a great TV experience call Jason at Gem Entrepôt in Dollard Des Ormeaux at 514-701-6060 ext 700 and make an appointment to see a live demonstration!!

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