Turks and Caicos, there is more to it than just the beach


 by Rhonda Massad

With the promise of sand, sun, and a crystal blue sea, Turks and Caicos is the ultimate destination for escaping the winter blues. Besides soaking up the sun, here are some amazing activities to do when visiting the Islands

Snorkelling Bight Reef

Turks And Caicos, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News Turks and Caicos is home to one of the longest coral reefs in the world. On Grace Bay in Providenciales,  Coral Gardens resort has a footpath in it’s proximity leading you to the Bight Reef. Once in the water, floating buoys guide you along the excursion, along with signs helping you to identify the wildlife around. The reef has spots as shallow as three feet and as deep as 16 feet for all levels of snorkeling.

Boat Cruises

There are a variety of boat cruises available for tourists in Turks. Alongside the beaches, this is one of the other popular activities for everyone to enjoy.  There are snorkeling cruises to visit the barrier reef that surrounds the islands. Fishing cruises are also for those who crave deep sea adventures, and there are always the Beach BBQ cruises. This type of cruising is made to relax and enjoy a cool beverage while island hopping around while being out on the ocean.

Land Activities

For those who enjoy being on land rather than exploring the ocean, Turks and Caicos offer numerous land activities for the whole family. Horseback riding the Providenciales in a group or in a private tour can be a great way to spend the afternoon. The Provo Golf Club is also a popular destination, it was rated one of the top ten golf courses in the Caribbean – no need to bring your clubs, they have an onsite rental service to golf hassle free.  Visitors who are more inclined to get their blood pumping can also tour the islands on ATV’s, bicycles, and go hiking to explore the different areas.

JoJo the Dolphin

Turks and Caicos are home to an array of wildlife, including the bottlenose dolphins. JoJo is a wild bottlenose dolphin who interacts with humans. He roams freely around the islands and can often be spotted with a little patience. He is easily identified by his many scars due to propeller strikes. Now it isn’t guaranteed to see JoJo as he is a wild animal, but your chances do increase as you cruise the waters off the Grace Bay Beach.


Turks And Caicos, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News


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