Turbulence Terror on Qatar Airways: 12 Injured, 8 Hospitalized in Mid-Air Incident


In a terrifying mid-air incident, a Qatar Airways plane flying from Doha to Dublin was jolted by turbulence, resulting in injuries to twelve people, eight of whom were subsequently hospitalized, according to airport authorities.

Flight QR017, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, descended upon Dublin Airport as planned, shortly before 1 p.m. GMT. However, the scene that followed was far from routine. Following safe landing, the aircraft was met with full force by the airport’s emergency services, which included the police and the fire and rescue department. This extraordinary reception was necessitated by the in-flight plight of six passengers and six crew members who reported injuries after their plane was abruptly rocked by turbulence over Turkey.

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Shaken passengers aboard the aircraft were immediately evaluated for injuries. Eight required further medical attention, necessitating a rush transfer to the hospital for treatment.

Among the passengers was Paul Mocc, who recounted his horrifying experience to Irish broadcaster RTE. Through the chaos of the relentless turbulence, Mocc witnessed fellow passengers being tossed about, hitting the cabin ceiling, and food and drink staging an unplanned airborne spectacle.

Adding to the calamity, Emma Rose Power, another passenger on Flight QR017, reported to RTE on the condition of the flight attendants post-turbulence. Scratches marked their faces, icy compresses were applied to their injuries, and one even had an arm secured in a sling.

In a statement released by Qatar Airways, the airline verified that “a small number of passengers and crew sustained minor injuries in flight and are now receiving medical attention.” As protocol, they confirmed that the mishap is now under internal investigation.

This news emerges only five days after a British man fell victim to a suspected heart attack, and numerous other passengers reported injuries, following severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight departing from London.

While fatalities owing to turbulence remain uncommon, a growing trend of turbulence-related injuries is being observed. An increasing number of turbulence encounters are being reported, leading some meteorologists and aviation analysts to probe into the potential impacts of climate change on flying conditions.