Trump’s Billion-Dollar Bid for Buffalo Bills Sparks Lawsuit: Unveiling the Real Stake and Odds


In 2014, Donald Trump made a bid of $1 billion in cash to purchase the Buffalo Bills. This venture faced significant skepticism given his past involvement in casino ownership and his role in a seminal antitrust lawsuit against the NFL in the 1980s during his ownership of the USFL’s New Jersey Generals. Despite his assertive show of financial competence, his acceptance by the NFL appeared improbable, as disclosed in internal emails unveiled during Trump’s recent civil fraud trial.

Trump, however, relentlessly pursued his ambition, courting the NFL and standing as one of the three known finalists for the Bills’ acquisition, alongside Terry and Kim Pegula, owners of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres, and a group led by rock icon Jon Bon Jovi. The late Ralph Wilson, a distinguished Hall of Fame owner, had formerly controlled the team. The Pegulas ultimately prevailed, procuring the Bills for a substantial $1.4 billion.

Nearly a decade later, Trump’s unsuccessful bid surfaced as a point of contention in a lawsuit initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Allegations of fraudulent activity accuse Trump of inflating the values of his assets thereby misleading banks, insurers, and others. A vehement denial of any misconduct came from Trump, who interpreted this lawsuit as a ploy to thwart his political prospects.

Trump’s 2014 bid to buy the Bills was both audacious and controversial, peppered with his constant claims of tremendous net worth. While his lawyer and long-time associate, Michael Cohen, insisted on Trump’s seriousness and commitment regarding the bid, he also admitted that Trump was resistant to paying above market value for the team whose worth was estimated to be around $870 million.

The unfolding trial has revealed the skepticism of investment bankers about Trump’s potential to purchase the Bills. In addition to questioning his liquidity, they indicated the necessity of assessing management contracts for Trump’s casino ventures. Despite the reservations, Trump stayed in the running, an approach admired by the bankers, though some believe he was strung along merely to drive up the team’s price.

Trump’s failed attempt to purchase the Bills had profound personal implications for him. Had the bid been successful, he stated in a 2016 interview, he probably wouldn’t have pursued the presidency.

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