Trump to Headline Bitcoin 2024 Conference in Nashville


Former U.S. president and current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is set to speak at the Bitcoin 2024 conference in Nashville, Tennessee, on July 27. The announcement, made by the conference organizers on Wednesday, highlights Trump’s continuing involvement in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency sector.

During a fundraiser in San Francisco in June, Trump positioned himself as a champion for cryptocurrencies while criticizing Democratic efforts to regulate the industry. His stance comes amid increasing attempts by the cryptocurrency sector to influence U.S. politicians, especially in light of heightened scrutiny from regulators following the 2022 bankruptcies of major crypto firms. These events had a significant impact, scaring investors and uncovering widespread fraud and misconduct, leading to substantial financial losses for millions.

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In May 2024, Trump publicly declared his support for the American Bitcoin industry, advocating for financial freedom and the promotion of U.S. Bitcoin on a global scale. “We want all the remaining Bitcoin to be MADE IN THE USA,” Trump stated on his Truth Social platform in June, emphasizing his desire for increased Bitcoin mining by U.S. firms. Conference organizers highlighted Trump as the event’s main headliner, reflecting his significant influence and support within the community.

The June fundraiser in San Francisco saw the presence of prominent figures from the crypto world, including executives from Coinbase and crypto investors Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The event was notably successful, raising $12 million. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has expressed a willingness to collaborate with Congress to develop a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, underscoring the ongoing political dynamics surrounding the industry.