Trump Retracts $500M Lawsuit Against Ex-Lawyer Amidst Legal Battles


Former U.S. President Donald Trump has retracted his five hundred million dollar lawsuit against ex-attorney and current key witness, Michael Cohen. However, this former president reserved his right to reissue the lawsuit in the future. Cohen has in past years been a central figure in Trump’s ongoing legal battle, due to his detailed knowledge of hush-money payments made during Trump’s 2016 election campaign, a heart of criminal charges lodged against Trump in New York.

Amidst accusations of “spreading falsehoods” and inciting “vast reputational harm”, Trump had claimed Cohen broke a confidentiality pact integral to his previous employment. With no loss of irony, all these accusations have been made public through Cohen’s rollickingly candid dialogues.

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The decision to retract the lawsuit comes shortly before Trump was due to testify in a Florida-based suit initiated last April. The deposition for this case had been slated for October 3rd, but was pushed back by Trump to enable his attendance at the first three days of a parallel New York civil fraud trial. Michael Cohen is expected to stand witness during the following week of the aforementioned trial.

A representative for Trump revealed that the decision to momentarily put the lawsuit on hold arose from numerous conflicting personal and legal engagements, one of them being Trump’s fight against criminal charges in New York, Washington D.C., Florida, and Georgia. Additionally, Trump’s upcoming White House campaign bid was also a determining factor.

The representative asserted, “As soon as Trump surmounts these witch hunts against him, he will resume his pursuit of claims registered against Cohen, who will inevitably be held responsible for his illegal remarks and actions.”

In a retort brimming with triumphant tone, Cohen gleefully dubbed the lawsuit as a means of ‘retaliatory intimidation’ and labeled Trump’s withdrawal as an act of cowardice. He further declared his intent to shift his legal team’s focus on holding Trump responsible for what he sees as another abuse of the judicial system.

The withdrawn lawsuit filed in Miami may hint at forthcoming points of discussion which are predicted to surface in Trump’s defence against allegations of falsifying internal business documents. These documents reportedly cloak money transactions during his 2016 presidential race that functioned to silence claims of extramarital sexual encounters.

Despite the multiple claims and charges against him, Trump has vehemently denied all wrongdoing.