Trump Endorses Rep. Jim Jordan for House Speaker Position


On Friday, the previous commander-in-chief Donald Trump publicly backed Ohio Representative Jim Jordan’s run for the position of Speaker of the House. Using his platform on Truth Social, Trump emphatically stressed his full endorsement by declaring Jordan as someone who would perform exceptionally well as Speaker of the House.

Trump cast his opinion into the selection process following rumors of his potential short-term involvement in the post. Reports surfaced suggesting that Trump might address Republicans on Capitol Hill about the meeting to discuss the next Speaker, even though insiders close to Trump negated the likelihood of such a visit to the Capitol.

In the effort to select a new Speaker of the House following the pending proceedings next Tuesday, the House Republicans are in a stalemate. In a bid to break this deadlock, candidacies of Representative Jordan and House Majority Leader Steve Scalise have been announced. However, the position is still open for others to seek nomination. Until a viable successor emerges, the House remains in a self-imposed state of uncertainty.

Interestingly, Trump has recently become the topic of discussion among GOP lawmakers, some of whom proposed the idea of Trump serving as Speaker, albeit temporarily. Although he expressed intrigue with the proposition, Trump made it clear that his priority was his presidential campaign. However, he did not dismiss the idea entirely, suggesting he could consider stepping into the role for a brief period if required.

While Trump appreciates and feels honored by the recognition his name receives in these discussions, he openly insists on not considering it seriously. Sources close to him affirm his absolute focus on his presidential run and believe his openness about possibly being elected as Speaker is him simply enjoying the spotlight.

Addressing reporters, Trump maintained that all actions will be towards the best interest of the country and the Republican Party.

Public validation of Trump’s potential as Speaker came from Republican Representatives Troy Nehls of Texas and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who avowed their support. However, Trump’s allure even within the GOP Conference is divisive, and securing the necessary majority amongst lawmakers could be a hurdle. Representative Mike Lawler, a freshman from New York, expressed his doubt about Trump’s involvement in the Speaker’s race, emphasizing that the role should ideally be filled by a current member of Congress.

Additionally, questions around the possibility of Trump circumventing House Republican conference rules seem inevitable. It remains uncertain whether Trump could sidestep the provision necessitating the resignation from leadership of any member facing indictment on felony charges with a looming prison sentence of two years or more. While these rules can be altered, it would only possible following the election of a Speaker.


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