Trump Amasses $1.6B in Trump Media Shares, Elevating Company Valuation to $5.2B


In an overwhelming financial feat, former U.S. President Donald Trump, as per recent regulatory documentations, has successfully amassed an additional bounty of $1.6 billion in shares in Trump Media.

Taking stock of the enterprise’s triumphant stride towards specific price milestones, Trump received a wholesome addition of 36 million shares in the company that lays claim to his social media powerhouse, Truth Social. This substantial increment catapults his ownership tally to an astounding figure of over 114 million shares. Estimated on the basis of the closing stock price on Wednesday, these shares amount to around a staggering $5.2 billion.

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However, the current valuation of these shares is labeled as “paper wealth”. The former president is restrained from trading any shares for a stretch of six months following Trump Media’s emergence in the public domain, unless a waiver emerges from the company’s board.

Asserting his dominance in the corporate realm, Trump, viewed as the likely Republican presidential candidate, now holds almost two-thirds of the company’s outstanding shares.

Shares of Trump Media & Technology Group have seen an upward trajectory over the past few weeks, adjourning Tuesday at $49.93. To secure the new shares, Trump required the stock to merely remain above $17.50 each for a consistent run of 20 trading days.

However, the stock experienced an unsettling nosedive of 9.6% on Wednesday, closing at a sobering $45.13.

Trump Media enabled its berth on the Nasdaq following a strategic merger with the Digital World Acquisition Corp., a distinct special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Such innovative mergers offer beginner ventures a streamlined and expedited pathway to making their shares publicly traded.

Following the merger’s closure with Digital World Acquisition on March 26, the inaugural day of trading witnessed the shares of the amalgamated entity soaring to nearly $80 each during intraday trades, before eventually closing at $57.99.

Nevertheless, a week subsequent to this stock market spectacle, Trump Media unveiled a near $58.2 million loss for the previous year, inciting a dramatic plummet of over 21% in its stock. The 2023 downturn is a sharp contrast to the 2022 profit of $50.5 million that was disclosed per regulatory filings.

In the aftermath, the company’s stock slid to approximately $22 each prior to a mid-April recovery.

Truth Social, the brainchild behind Trump’s venture into social media, was launched in February 2022, a year following his expulsion from major social platforms such as Facebook and the lately-renamed X (formerly Twitter). This ouster occurred in the wake of the January 6 insurrection at the U.S Capitol. Despite being reintegrated into both platforms, Trump remains committed to Truth Social.

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