Trudeau’s Departure from India Delayed After Government Plane Malfunctions


After a vexing two-day delay due to technical hitches with a government aircraft, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has at last bid India adieu. Scheduled to depart with the Canadian delegation from New Delhi on Sunday after attending the G20 leaders’ summit, Trudeau’s exit was stalled when the aircraft required attention during pre-flight assessment.

Vetting by the Royal Canadian Air Force identified a significant issue with the CC-150 Polaris, a plane that has a history intertwined with technical troubles. This aircraft, part of a commissioned fleet belonging to the early 1990s, has indeed been earmarked for replacement coming this fall, given its recurrent predicaments.

In response to the discovered anomaly, a technician armed with requisite replacement parts was dispatched to India by the Royal Canadian Air Force. In an act of prudent foresight, a backup plane was also sent on standby to transport Trudeau and his contingent if required. Fortunately, the skilled technician successfully resolved the issue with the original plane, negating the need for the standby.

The journey back home is now set to culminate with a late-night touchdown in Ottawa on Tuesday. Owing to confidential security reasons, Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, avoids commercial flights.

In Trudeau’s homeland, preparations are underway for a three-day retreat of the Liberal caucus in London, Ontario. Smaller groupings of MPs are slated to convene later on Tuesday, followed by a bulk gathering of the national caucus from Wednesday, which Trudeau is expected to grace upon his arrival.


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