Trudeau’s Cabinet Operates Without Mandate Letters, Raising Concerns of Transparency


Two months have passed since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a reshuffle of his administration, yet, the expected mandate letters for his cabinet ministers remain undelivered. Bill Blair, despite occupying the Defence Minister post, disclosed last week that he had not received his mandate letter and is following the responsibilities outlined for his forerunner in December 2021 – a mere three months post-election.

In recent developments, Trudeau’s government has imposed fresh assignments on the military and sought a reduction of $1 billion in expenditure. This has led the opposition parties to demand explicit details about how ministers need to hierarchize their responsibilities.

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Mandate letters, explains Acadia University’s political scientist Alex Marland, shed light on a government’s objectives aside from an election period. While the public release of these letters isn’t a requisite for the civil service’s functioning, ministers have openly admitted their eagerness to receive their clarion call. Interestingly, several ministers are now in charge of portfolios that had not been instituted previously.

It remains to be seen whether the Prime Minister’s Office will comment on whether each of the 30 ministers, occupying new or updated roles, will receive a renewed mandate letter. This lack of direction leaves the inner workings of Trudeau’s government shrouded in uncertainty as ministers continue to function without their defined orders. The longer the wait for these mandate letters continues, the more intense the scrutiny from opposition parties hoping for transparency and clarity in these complex political times.