Trucker Issues Apology Over Death Of Woman In Edmonton Hotel


A trucker in Ontario held the face between his hands crying as he apologized to the family of a woman he murdered in a hotel in Edmonton.

The trucker who goes by Bradley Barton, informed the judge during his sentencing last Wednesday that he accepted full responsibility for the murder of Cindy Gladue, 10 years ago.

Gladue bled to her death in the bathtub in the trucker’s room at Yellow Inn. A jury found him guilty of manslaughter earlier in 2021.

The man, aged 53, informed the court that it wasn’t his intention to hurt her after the two had agreed to sex for money.

The court said it would issue sentencing on the 27th of July.

Prosecutors who suggested that he be jailed for at least 18 years said that he performed a sexual act that caused a serious wound to her private area. They added that he dumbed her in the tub before he took off.

However, his lawyer says he does not deserve more than 9 years in jail as the prosecution was not able to prove beyond reasonable doubt, that the truck driver intended to take her life.

Burton said that he was shocked the following morning when he got up to find her dead in a pool of her own blood.

This was his second court appearance. In 2015, a jury declared him not guilty of murder in the first, which caused a lot backlash.


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