Truck Driver’s Quick Action Prevents Further Tragedy in China’s Road Collapse


In a courageous act that underscored the astounding breadth of human nobility, a former Chinese soldier turned truck driver named Wang Xiangnan decisively stalled his truck across a bustling highway, thwarting further catastrophe following a disastrous road collapse in southern China’s mountainous province of Guangdong. Wang’s lightning-quick thinking averted any escalation of the tragedy, proving instrumental in preventing an additional spate of vehicles from hurtling down the slope and adding to the heartbreak.

The unfolding of these events took root early on Wednesday as Wang Xiangnan was navigating his hauling truck through Guangdong’s arterial highway when, around the witching hour, he witnessed an unusual vehicular movement. The anomaly turned out to be vehicles travel in the reverse direction on the four-lane highway. Shortly, the severity of the situation was brought to Wang’s attention by a fellow driver. The road was undergoing a fatal collapse.

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Wasting not a moment, Wang, an ex-combatant, mobilized his well-honed instincts and tactical acuity, treating his bulky truck as a blockade to halt and divert the oncoming traffic. Concurrently, his better half disembarked from the truck to raise an alarm, warning the oblivious drivers about the impending danger and urging them to avert the misstep.

Sharing his experience with China’s Jiupai News, Wang humbly downplayed the gravity of his bravery, stating, “I didn’t think too much. I just wanted to stop the vehicles.”

Wang’s selfless act and his inherent valor attracted widespread commendation from netizens across Chinese social media platforms. The China Worker Development Foundation reciprocated this applause by naming Wang in their recognition list.

To honor Wang’s bravery, the Foundation, along with a leading car company, awarded him with 10,000 yuan ($1,414). Parallelly, a charity initiative associated with Alibaba Group Holding matched this gesture, disbursing an equivalent cash incentive. However, displaying an infallible spirit of magnanimity, Wang announced his plans to donate the awarded sum to the bereaved families of the collapse victims.

While Wang’s stories of bravery are making the headlines, local media added that another braveheart knelt down on the highway, halting incoming cars from advancing towards the disaster.

The ill-fated event arrived on the heels of a month-long rigorous rainfall in Guangdong. Notably, out of the unfortunate 23 vehicles that succumbed to this calamity, a few combusted, unleashing a dense blanket of smoky despair above the province.

As the province reels under this crisis, thirty people are currently receiving medical care. One individual being discharged from the hospital brings a glimmer of hope in these trying times, although for others—particularly one in serious condition—the battle for recovery continues.

Authorities in Guangdong, including those in Meizhou City, have reaffirmed their commitment to the safety of its citizens. Their statement on Saturday indicated an increased emphasis on implementing comprehensive checks on expressways, railways, and roads in mountainous areas. Additionally, a provincial governor-led team is scrutinizing the incident’s cause for future safety enhancements.

Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing has been dispatched by the Chinese government to supervise recovery efforts. He, along with President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Qiang, are calling for improved safety measures. This incident, yet another in the ream of infrastructure failures, has provoked considerable apprehension among public officials wary of a potential public outcry.