Tropicana Las Vegas Bids Farewell After 67 Years


As the glittering lights of Las Vegas brace themselves for one final curtain call, the Tropicana Las Vegas, a jewel of the storied Strip, is preparing to shut its doors. On Monday, a somber announcement echoed through the corridors of the beloved casino resort, marking April 2 as the endpoint of a luminous 67-year history—a mere two days shy of its anniversary.

Once a playground for the rich and famous, the Tropicana’s fate was sealed in a heartfelt memo by Arik Knowles, the resort’s VP and General Manager, to the employees. The memo, which later found its way to the digital archives of the Las Vegas Locally Twitter account, sets in motion the cessation of all forthcoming hotel bookings and initiates reservations’ relocations for the month of April and beyond.

The echoes of hope for a reprieve, tied to the uncertain future of the A’s stadium deal, have been silenced. The unmistakable decree is now to commence the preparation for the demolition of the once illustrious Tropicana and to proceed with a master plan that gifts around 9 acres to the Athletics for their stadium development.

While an exact date for the building’s implosion is yet to be announced, whisperings suggest high summer will be the heated backdrop for the resort’s vanishment. The architectural mavens, Gensler, and Bjarke Ingels Group/HNTB, are diligently drafting designs for the future stadium, with anticipation building for the imminent selection of a winning blueprint.

Notification of the closure seemed a low blow of confirmation rather than a bolt from the blue. The resort had been signaling its swansong, no longer accepting reservations past April 1, and even the subtle closure of its historical rooms last November hinted at the impending conclusion.

The possible disruption to the resort’s neatly tied finale comes in the form of a speculative curveball posited by Scott Roeben of’s Vital Vegas. The insight suggests that regardless of the Oakland Athletics’ relocation, Bally’s had long been planning the resort’s upheaval. Even with the A’s potential stadium sited on Tropicana territory, bolstered by a significant infusion of public funds, the deal is steeped in uncertainty, lacking concrete financial commitment from both the A’s and Bally’s Corp.

Adding a tincture of disdain, Las Vegas locals, during a recent Chamber of Commerce event, displayed a palpable lack of enthusiasm for the A’s and their owner, John Fisher, mirroring the baseball team’s disheartening performance in the previous season.

The Tropicana, a structure skin-deep in history and intrigue, began as the bold vision of Miami’s Fontainebleau partner Ben Jaffe. Despite its inception as a bastion of opulence and luxury, the property’s early days were entangled with organized crime, which would go on to shape much of Las Vegas’ enigmatic reputation. However, as the years waned, the Tropicana’s shimmer dimmed against the ever-brightening novelties in the desert sky.

Celebrated initially for its lavish presentation, the Tiffany of the Strip would struggle to keep pace with the burgeoning Las Vegas horizon. A sequined history of crime, celebrity, and corporate takeovers is a testament to the Tropicana’s tumultuous relationship with the city it once ruled.

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