Tribute Honors Fallen Law Enforcement Heroes in Alberta Ceremony


Underneath the shadow of the Alberta Legislature, a solemn dedication unfolded on Sunday. The gathering came in tribute to the province’s brave police and peace officers who have tragically lost their lives in the line of duty.

In the wake of a particularly devastating year for law enforcement across the nation, the roster of fallen officers welcomed eleven new names—three of whom hailed from Alberta. The expression from Edmonton Police Service Chief Dale McFee was unflinchingly raw. “It’s gut-wrenching,” he admitted, vowing, “We have to do all that we can to prevent more names being added.”

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In the throes of a domestic violence incident in March, tragedy befell EPS Constables Brett Ryan and Travis Jordan. Soon after, RCMP officer Harvinder Singh perished in an accident as he heeded a call for backup in Strathcona County. All three men, their lives abruptly cut short, were in their 30s. To honour their sacrifice, their peers marched through Edmonton’s streets on Sunday.

Taking a moment’s silence, the ceremony paid respects to these brave souls and the more than 100 other members of the province’s law enforcement who have been lost in service since 1876. McFee acknowledged this as a fitting act of remembrance, calling it “the least we can do.” He further stated, “It’s immensely humbling and at the same time, extremely gratifying seeing the depth of community support.”

The service wasn’t just about paying respects to the fallen, McFee insisted. It was also about expressing gratitude to their families. Bearing the weight of the ultimate sacrifice, these families were formally thanked and presented roses to lay on a wreath.

The ceremony evoked strong emotions from Mike Ellis, Alberta’s minister of safety and emergency services. “It’s incredibly emotional,” he revealed. Ellis, with a background in the Calgary Police Service, could personally relate to the poignant tribute. “I was a police officer for 12 years,” Ellis said, reflecting on his blithely naive outlook on risking his life daily.

This heartfelt commemoration takes place annually on the last Sunday of September, known as National Police Officers’ Memorial Day. Across the nation, similar gestures of remembrance and gratitude were held, their resonance echoing through the community.

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