Travis Scott’s Astroworld Lawsuits Refusal to Dismiss Sparks Controversy


In an unexpected turn of events, a Texas judge refrained from dismissing several hundred lawsuits lodged against famed rapper Travis Scott, stemming from his involvement in the Astroworld festival tragedy in 2021 that claimed the lives of ten individuals amidst audience stampede.

The presiding official, State District Judge Kristen Hawkins, addressed the matter through a solitary page order debunking Scott’s plea to free him and his touring and production company, XX Global, from the ongoing case. Even though the relevant paperwork was authorized on Tuesday, it only became public knowledge the following day.

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Scott’s legal counsel spent an exhaustive portion of the April 15th hearing insisting that the rapper did not bear responsibility for the oversight on safety measures or identifying plausible dangers during the fateful concert on November 5, 2021. They contended that Scott’s obligations and tasks related purely to the creative dimensions of the festival, encompassing his performance and promotional duties.

However, this assertion faces steep opposition. Noah Wexler, the appointed attorney for the family of Madison Dubiski, 23, one of the deceased victims, countered these claims, accusing Scott, whose legal name stands as Jacques Bermon Webster II, of consciously disregarding safety concerns at the sold-out music event. Wexler set forth the accusation that Scott not only incited ticketless individuals to breach security perimeters but also deliberately disregarded instructions from festival organizers to halt the performance amidst the escalating chaos as the crowd suffered injuries and casualties.

In earlier proceedings this month, Hawkins absolved other key figures including rapper Drake and several enterprises implicated in the unfortunate incident.

The Dubiski family’s lawsuit is slated to be the maiden case to proceed to trial on May 6.

The event led to extensive litigation with the bereaved families of the ten deceased victims and hundreds of injured individuals targeting Scott, event promoter Live Nation, and scores of other individuals and entities with lawsuits.

Post a detailed scrutiny by Houston law enforcement agencies, Scott managed to evade criminal charges, and a grand jury decided against indicting him plus five others on any criminal counts connected to the fatal performance.

The victims, aged between 9 and 27, met their untimely demise due to compression asphyxia, a fatal condition metaphorically equated to the physical stress of being run over by a car by a medical expert.

However, amidst the sea of pending lawsuits, settlements have been reached in several instances, with the bereaved families of four victims and multiple injured parties reaching agreements.