Travis Scott Arrested for Trespassing, Public Intoxication in Miami Beach


In the early hours of Thursday, on the well-heeled turf of Miami Beach, popular rapper Travis Scott found himself on the wrong side of the law. He was taken into custody for misdemeanor trespassing and public intoxication, the local police department alleging he created a disturbance by hurling obscenities at individuals aboard a luxury yacht moored in the city’s marina.

Shortly before 1 a.m., marine patrol officers responded to a call reporting a brawl on a yacht. Upon their arrival, they found Scott, who is 33 years old, defiantly positioned on the docking area, unleashing a torrent of verbal abuse at those on the ship. The officers asked the irate rapper to remain seated on the dock, but their requests were met with continued resistance as Scott kept springing back to his feet, continually yelling. According to the official report, a strong and undeniable scent of alcohol permeated the air around him.

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Initially, Scott was permitted to leave since the individual who welcomed the police with his distress call declined to press charges. As Scott made his way from the scene, however, his volatile gibes towards the yacht occupants persisted. After departing in a nearby vehicle, he inexplicably returned a mere five minutes later and promptly dismissed police warnings to vacate the area. The scene intensified further as he resumed his tirade, causing distress for those aboard nearby boats and occupants of surrounding buildings.

In response to questioning about his alcohol consumption, Scott responded cavalierly, uttering a simple three-word reply: “It’s Miami.” Consequently, authorities deemed it necessary to take him into custody.

Following his arrest, Scott managed to secure release from Miami-Dade County Jail before noon by posting a $650 bond. Subsequently, he casually brushed off the morning’s encounter with law enforcement with a post on social media platform X, in which he merely wrote, “Lol.”

Bradford Cohen, the attorney entrusted to handle Scott’s case, downplayed the incident, framing it as a “misunderstanding”. He insisted that no physical altercation took place and thanked authorities for their collaboration in facilitating what he described as a “swift and amicable resolution”.

Travis Scott, whose given name is Jacques Webster, is no stranger to the limelight, not least because four of his singles – “Sicko Mode,” “Highest in the Room,” “The Scotts,” and “Franchise”, – have topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts. As one of hip-hop’s most recognizable voices, Scott has graced the charts with over 100 songs.

However, in his personal life, the rapper also garners attention for his well-documented relationship with businesswoman and reality television personality, Kylie Jenner, with whom he shares two children.

This incident marks another entry in Scott’s history of legal encounters. Notably, ten concert-goers tragically lost their lives to compression asphyxia during a performance at Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston 2021. The attendees, aged between 9 and 27, were packed like sardines to the point they couldn’t breathe or move their arms. The resulting lawsuits alleged negligent planning and a disturbing lack of safety measures from the organizing parties. Scott and co-defendants Live Nation vehemently denied these claims, insisting that their top priority was concert-goers’ safety and that the calamitous outcomes could not have been anticipated. The raft of lawsuits were finally cleared last month, and a grand jury decision exempted Scott and five other implicated parties from any indictment.