Traveler Slapped With A $5700 Fine For Wrong Test Before Returning To Canada


A trip between the U.S and Canada has had a nurse slapped with a $5700 fine, a lot more that she thought possible.

The Nurse, Brittany North, said that after enduring a tough year and a half working to save lives during the pandemic, she sought a break. She booked herself a flight to L.A to se friends for a week.

However, a few days before she headed back home, she tested positive for the Coronavirus, even thought she had already had both injections. She added that the virus put her down nearly 10 days. She was forced to quarantine for two weeks while in L.A.

Upon recovery, she paid for a test. She said that L.A airport checked her documentation and was allowed to fly into Canada.

Through a statement, Air Canada stated that it is the responsibility of passengers to ensure they meet all entry requirements. Air Canada added that they have listed all the valid tests for specific destinations on their webpage.

It wasn’t until she got to Canada that she was informed the test she had taken in the U.S wasn’t valid at home.

She was slapped with a $5700 fine.

She informed local media that she took another test while in Canada and her result came back negative.

As it turns out, there are many others who have taken tests elsewhere that are not valid in specific regions within Canada and have faced heavy fines.

Health Canada issued a statement noting that it is the responsibility of travelers to know the rules, but added that all those who have been fined can dispute the charges.

North said she plans to dispute the fine, noting that officers need to use their discretion when deciding who deserved to pay a fine.

She noted that her L.A vacation ended up being quite expensive and stressful. She also warned fellow Canadians that having received two jabs should not make them think they can’t catch the virus.


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