“Trap Maker” Arrested In Toronto During A Drug Bust


A man from Surrey dubbed the “Trap Maker”, was arrested by Toronto police as part of a $61 million drug seizure. The police arrested 20 people during the raid. Jason Hall, aka “Trap Maker”, built and installed trap door compartments in tractor-trailers to move up to 100 kilograms of drugs. These drugs were moved from Mexico and California to Canada via border crossings.

The suspects are facing 182 charges. A large number of drugs were seized in what authorities are calling the largest drug seizure in Toronto Police Service history.

Neighbour Robert Nowak commented:

“It was really early in the morning all of a sudden police had this whole area all shut down and they wouldn’t even let me out of the yard. I figured something serious had happened there, I couldn’t believe how many police cars were here.”

Staff Sgt. Lindsey Houghton with Surrey RCMP couldn’t comment on the case just yet. She said in an email:

“I can say that Mr. Hall has no previous criminal convictions in B.C. that I am aware of.”

The police seized 444 kilograms of cocaine, 157 kilograms of crystal meth, 427 kilograms of marijuana and 300 oxycodone pills. They also found $966,000 in cash, one Glock handgun and seized five tractor-trailers and several other vehicles including a Mercedes G-Wagon. The police are still looking for two other suspects.


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