Transpacific Panda Journey Marks New Chapter in US-China Conservation Partnership


The latest chapter of an ongoing international conservation partnership between the United States and China has unfolded, marked by an auspicious farewell ceremony in China, officials confirmed on Wednesday. It was in this momentous event that two giant pandas, Yún Chuān and Xīn Bǎo, began their transpacific journey from the familiar bamboo-rich forests of China to their new abode at the San Diego Zoo.

Professionals from the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance were present at the celebration in China to witness a beautiful blend of poignant Chinese cultural performances, heartfelt video messages from Chinese and American students, and an exchange of gifts between conservation partners. Undeniably, it was a remarkable moment in the years-long commitment to animal preservation.

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This ceremonious occasion not only marked the pandas’ departure but also highlighted the power of international cooperation in conservation. As expressed by the President of the Wildlife Alliance, Paul Baribault, “This farewell celebrates their journey and underscores a collaboration between the United States and China on vital conservation efforts.” The partnership between the United States and the China Wildlife Conservation Association has been influential in the push for panda conservation and holds promise for the future survival of this emblematic species.

However, zoo-goers in San Diego will have to exercise some patience. It may take several weeks before these newest and most exotic residents are ready to meet their curious and eager onlookers.

Among the duo is Yún Chuān, a tranquil male nearing his fifth year of life, who, interestingly, boasts deep roots in the Golden State. Indeed, his lineage can be traced back to the San Diego Zoo itself. His mother Zhen Zhen was born at the same zoo in 2007 to parents Bai Yun and Gao Gao.

Joining him is Xīn Bǎo, a sweet-natured female of four seasons with a penchant for solitude. Her delicate, rounded face framed by large ears makes her endearing to all who meet her.

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, with this engagement, extends its nearly three-decade-long partnership with foremost conservation establishments in China. This alliance centers around the responsibility to protect and restore the giant panda population and the bamboo habitats they call home.