Trans Canada Highway Segment Reopens in British Columbia After Wildfire Shutdown


The stretch of the Trans Canada Highway, running through the Shuswap region of British Columbia, has recently been reopened. Previously shut down due to the wildfire known as the Bush Creek East, it began its operations again as of Friday morning. The span between Chase and Sorrento was closed on August 18 due to the towering flames that dangerously straddled the highway.

Through continuous surveillance of the fire risk and activity in the area, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure commenced the reopening process. The ministry has stated that crews continue to work tirelessly to clear side roads that were adversely affected by the raging fire.

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As the Bush Creek East wildfire still blazes out of control, covering an estimated area of 410 square kilometers, over 11,000 residents remain under mandatory evacuation orders. Forrest Tower, information officer for B.C. Wildfire Service, deems the wildfire as the province’s top priority.

Earlier in the week, a dispute at the Blind Bay Road intersection on Highway 1 saw protesters engaging in a heated confrontation with police officers at a blockade. Their main contention was that politicians had no right to deter them from using the public road. When questioned about the incident, Tower stated it didn’t seem to be instigated by locals defying evacuation orders.

On another note, the segment of Highway 1 from Boston Bar to Lytton remains inaccessible and will continue to be closed through the weekend, as confirmed by provincial authorities. The Kookipi Creek wildfire continues to burn uncontrollably, leading to a series of hazardous conditions. The highway stretch has suffered from falling trees and boulders, requiring significant removal and rock scaling procedures. The ministry is currently assessing side roads to prioritize cleanup. An update regarding the status of this area is expected on Monday, August 28.