Train service on the Vaudreuil-Hudson line will be free as of Monday


In connection with the bridge and road closures due to the Spring 2019 flooding, EXO in collaboration with the ARTM (Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain)is offering free service on the exo1 Vaudreuil-Hudson train line as of Monday, April 29th.

The free service will be in effect on weekdays until the reopening of the Galipeault bridge to limit the major congestion anticipated especially during peak hours.

Note also that bus routes to train stations will also be free.

In order to facilitate traffic flow and limit congestion on the Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge and Highway 40, the Ministère des Transports strongly recommends that road users who usually use Highways 20 and 40 use alternatives

It should also be noted that the Department exceptionally withdrew the toll on Highway 30 until the bridge was reopened.

Free access is applicable to all road users (passenger vehicles, trucks, etc.).




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