Tragic Sinking of Quebec Fishing Boat Claims Three Lives, Mystery Surrounds Event


A profound tragedy unfolded in the early hours of Monday off Quebec’s Lower North Shore, wreaking havoc and sorrow across our maritime community. A fishing boat dubbed the Silver Condor became the theatre of a dire incident that culminated in the unfortunate demise of three souls.

The vessel, hailing from Blanc Sablon – a distance of approximately 1,300 kilometres northeast of Montreal – took its voyage with a crew of six. The peace of the tranquil night was shattered when, around 2:30 a.m., the Canadian Coast Guard’s communication lines echoed with the desperate sound of a distress signal from the ill-fated boat.

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Prompt responses marked the commencement of a rescue operation. A bevy of resources, including two coast guard vessels and an Armed Forces CH-149 Cormorant helicopter, were dispatched to the scene. All six crew members were ultimately recovered from the grief-stricken water.

Sadly, Lt.-Cmdr. Len Hickey sorrowfully reported that upon transfer to paramedics, half of the retrieved crew was unresponsive. “The six occupants were jointly recovered. Upon reaching shore, they received immediate attention from pre-hospital emergency services,” explained Emilie Proteau-Beaulieu, a Coast Guard spokesperson.

In an expression of solidarity, three unspecified vessels in the vicinity rendered invaluable assistance in the search operation. Stricken by the sudden catastrophe, the cause of the sinking, which occurred roughly 37 kilometres off the coast of La Tabatiere, remains a mystery yet to be unravelled.

Sgt. Hugues Beaulieu, a provincial police spokesman, revealed that the rescue operation was wrapped up around 7:30 a.m. The recovered crew members were subsequently transported to hospitals in New Brunswick and Newfoundland. However, further information about their conditions has been kept under wraps.

The deaths are now under the long and meticulous scrutiny of the Quebec coroner and the province’s labour board. As our hearts go out to the lost souls and their families, it becomes a grim reminder of the unpredictable, unceasing dangers our fishermen face in the quest for daily sustenance.

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