Tragic Minnesota Crash: SUV Hits Amish Buggy, Two Young Lives Lost


In an unfortunate tragedy on Monday morning, two young lives were lost and another two critically injured in southern Minnesota. The incident unfolded when an SUV vehicle ploughed into a horse-drawn Amish buggy, equipped with two wheels.

The SUV and buggy were navigating in the same direction along County Road 1, situated within Fillmore County, when the disastrous collision took place, the details of which were revealed shortly before 8:25 a.m.

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The four passengers aboard the buggy were siblings, originating from the rural enclave of Stewartville, which sits a short distance to the northwest. The heartrending repercussions of the collision led to the demise of Wilma Miller, 7, and her elder sister Irma Miller, 11. Their siblings, Alan Miller, 9, and Rose Miller, 13, survived the crash, albeit with injuries, and were promptly transported to a local hospital for immediate medical attention.

The health conditions of the two injured children remained undisclosed at the time of the statement. The unfortunate incident was under intense scrutiny on Tuesday, yet no arrests had been made in connection with it.

Unfortunately, this tragic occurrence marks the second instance within a week where children, travel-bound in Amish buggies, have lost their lives in vehicular crashes across the US. Previous to this, on September 20, a similar tragedy struck Alexandria, New York, when a pickup truck collided with the rear end of an Amish buggy, resulting in the deaths of two children aged merely 1 and 3.

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