Tragic Minnesota Crash: Amish Buggy Collides with SUV, Two Children Dead


A tragic incident transpired in southern Minnesota on a Monday morning when a sport utility vehicle collided with a horse-drawn Amish buggy. The horrifying crash led to the untimely demise of two young children, while two of their siblings were severely injured.

The horse-drawn carriage and the SUV were heading in the same direction when the mishap occurred just before 8:25 a.m. along the length of County Road 1, located in Fillmore County. The unfortunate children aboard the buggy were siblings, residents of the rural area of Stewartville, located a few miles northwest.

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For the precious lives lost in the crash, they were identified as their family’s little joys, Wilma Miller, aged 7, and Irma Miller, who was only 11. Their siblings, Alan Miller, 9, and Rose Miller, 13, survived the incident but sustained injuries and were immediately transported to a local hospital.

No updates regarding the condition of the injured children were available as of Tuesday since the dreadful incident. Authorities are meticulously investigating the details and the cause of the crash. As of Tuesday, no arrests have been made in connection with this fatal accident.

This is not the first time such a tragedy has happened. In a similar occurrence last week, innocent lives were lost when a pickup truck crashed into an Amish buggy in Alexandria, New York.

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