Tragic Highway 46 Triple-Vehicle Collision Claims Life, Leaves 3 Gravely Injured


A tragic road accident has claimed the life of a 30-year-old woman and left three others gravely injured on the stretch between Pilot Butte and Balgonie. According to RCMP’s initial investigation, a three-vehicle collision sparked the chaotic scene that emergency services rushed to late Tuesday evening on Highway 46.

One of these vehicles housed two individuals, including the woman whose life was tragically cut short by the incident. As a front-seat passenger in the car, she bore the brunt of the collision. The driver of her vehicle was whisked away by emergency personnel, described as being in a grave condition upon arrival at the hospital.

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The other two vehicles involved in the horrifying accident were each carrying a solo occupant. Both drivers were transported to the hospital with injuries mirroring the severity of those borne by the driver of the first vehicle. These shocking details were relayed to the public via an RCMP statement confirming the ongoing investigation into the grim incident.

In the haze of the immediate aftermath, the name of the deceased woman had yet to be disclosed. With respect for her grieving family, any further information is being held until an appropriate time. The circumstances surrounding this dreadful incident continue to be a focus of ongoing inquiries, as RCMP diligently work to unravel the series of events leading to this catastrophic collision.