Traffic to decrease at Beaconsfield’s Adamus project


by Rhonda Massad

A recent study sponsored by K.F. Construction, presented by Paré and Associates Inc., showed that traffic at the new location of 140 condo units will prove to have substantially less traffic than was circulating while the Club West Island was in operation. The site of the new project is located on Alton Drive and Elm Avenue in Beaconsfield.

The study was conducted under the assumption that the building would house four stories (3 floors plus a penthouse). For the purpose of the study the ratios for time spikes in the morning and the afternoon when travel is the most active were considered in displacement/time as a unit of reference.

According to the study, the new zoning allocation would show a reduction in traffic in the area given that the zone is now residential as opposed to commercial. The change of use will significantly reduce traffic on the streets’ peripheral sites. The report shows that the traffic in the morning rush hour and evening may be reduced by 46% and 76% respectively. According to the results obtained, there will be a decrease of at least 45 vehicles during the main rush hour in the morning and 217 vehicles in the evening.

“Council reviewed the study, of course, and logically people coming and going to the gym and restaurant facility brought more action to the area than the condos will,” Beaconsfield Councillor Wade Staddon explained. “As for visitors, how many of us have guests every day? Very few. As far as traffic goes, this project should be a welcomed relief for the residents compared to what they went through in the past.”


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