The Town of Kirkland Acquires a 2nd Electric Vehicle


The Town of Kirkland has recently made the acquisition of a new entirely electric car. It is the second electric vehicle the Town adds to its car fleet, having already purchased a Nemo in 2009.

With a range of 150 kilometres, the new Kia Soul EV will allow the staff from Public Works and the Environment Division to travel in an eco-friendly manner and will annually generate a reduction of 4,715.2 kg of greenhouse gas emissions, a 99% decrease compared to a usual replacement vehicle.

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This purchase fully integrates into the Town of Kirkland’s Sustainable Development Plan Horizon 2020, under the objective of encouraging the use of hybrid and electric vehicles when replacing obsolete municipal vehicles.

“Today, by acquiring this electric vehicle, we show respect for the population’s wishes with the perspective of offering our citizens a high-quality environment, while strengthening our environmental values,” Mayor Michel Gibson stated. “I encourage each and every one of our fellow citizens and businesses to follow the lead and turn towards renewable energies in order to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels,” he added.

Two charging stations for electric vehicles are available to the public, with one located at the St-Hubert restaurant and the other at Metro Plus.