Tourist Invasion Causes Closure of Vermont’s Cloudland Road


In Vermont, the once tranquil passageway of Cloudland Road, a picturesque route winding between the quiet backwoods of Pomfret and Woodstock, has temporarily closed its gates to nonresidents. Aptly christened for the enchanting Sleepy Hollow Farm nestled amidst its lush terrain, this rural byway has been the focal point for countless snapshots of breathtaking autumn landscapes.

The allure of the farm’s vibrantly-hued trees, the archetypal New England barn, and the charming homestead has triggered an influx of tourists and social media enthusiasts. Their amassing numbers and reckless actions have caused not only environmental, aesthetic, and safety concerns, but also robbed the place of its bucolic tranquility.

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Residents have shared stories of guests crossing the line of acceptable sightseeing. Reportedly, tourists have resorted to picnicking on private lands, obstructing access for residents and emergency services, and even resorting to relieving themselves on surrounding property. Instances of tourists tip-toeing past the entrance gate, despite surveillance cameras, have been shared on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Tourism, as a mixed blessing, has disrupted the tranquility of numerous locations worldwide, from urban Parisian streets to Californian cities brimming with wildflower “super blooms”. Zion National Park in Utah, another victim of overcrowding, has implemented a permit system to regulate visitors. Meanwhile, Vermont’s serene back road has seen escalating traffic over the past years, directly attributed to the extraordinary interest in private properties through social media shares.

The decision has spurred various reactions among social media users. While some have backed it, citing the prolific photographic exploitation of the area, others have offered advice to visitors to be mindful of traffic rules and find less congested spots to enjoy Vermont’s splendid fall foliage.

In these challenging times, the local community remains supportive of tourism, emphasizing the significance of the autumn leaf peepers to the local economy. They urge tourists to visit more accommodative nearby attractions, while reminding them to respect the privacy and property of others.

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