Toronto Pearson Airport Overcomes Outage, Restores Normal Wait Times


Following a network outage that occurred just ahead of the much-anticipated long weekend on Friday, Toronto Pearson International Airport has announced that normal wait times have successfully been restored. The Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority (CATSA) was the first to report the network disruption at Terminal 1’s transborder checkpoint shortly past 9:30 a.m.

While the situation in Terminal 1 has seen significant progress, passengers were advised to be cognizant of the fact that the wait times have varied considerably throughout the morning. Efforts are underway by CATSA to rectify the issue in a swift manner.

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The impact of the outage was evident as it led to longer than the usual waits, a point CATSA underscored in a recent social media post. Extolling the virtue of patience, CATSA expressed appreciation for the understanding shown by passengers during this ordeal.

Pearson further elaborated on the matter, indicating that less than an hour following the initial incident, there were clear signs of improvement. However, it was incumbent on passengers to take note that there have been fluctuations in the wait times all morning.

Currently, operations at Toronto Pearson are running smoothly, with regular wait times reinstated at Terminal 1 transborder. Pearson confirmed that their collaboration with CATSA is ongoing with the objective of rectifying the outage. At present, the airport operations are unhindered by the incident.

In extending the scope of the incident, it was confirmed that the network outage only affected specific parts of the airport. Indeed, all other sections of the airport were spared the trouble, maintaining their regular functions without any interruptions.

As a reaffirmation of their commitment to restore normalcy, CATSA stated that concerted efforts were being taken to resolve the issue, promising to expedite the process as “quickly as possible”.

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