Toronto Native Accused of Chilling Stabbing Spree in Sault Ste. Marie


In a chilling turn of events, a young man from Toronto, aged 25, is currently facing allegations of murder and other offenses related to knife attacks that occurred last week in Sault Ste. Marie.

The suspect, identified as Steven Jones, is directly linked with the fatality of a 22-year-old individual, Taylor Marshall. Her lifeless body was discovered on September 7 in a multi-residential structure located on John Street.

The exact moment of Marshall’s tragic demise remains unclear to the police. However, authorities affirm that both she and a second stabbing victim are casualties of senseless and arbitrary violent acts.

According to Inspector Brent Duguay, “Both of these horrifying incidents seem to be arbitrary acts of violence perpetrated by a single individual”. He further mentioned, “The said suspect has been identified as a Toronto native. We have reasons to believe that he came into our community a few days prior to the onslaught.”

The suspect, Jones, has remained in custody since his apprehension on September 7, associated with the stabbing episode on the boardwalk.

Authorities, in a public statement released on Thursday, declared, “Based on our assessment, it appears the victim incurred substantial stab injuries, concluding tragically in their demise.”

A combination of video and physical evidence enables investigators to link the suspect to the slaying. Interestingly, the victim and the accused were previously unknown to each other.

Post the initial homicide, authorities speculate that the accused proceeded to the boardwalk where he assaulted the second victim with a knife.

Inspector Duguay revealed their belief that Jones had been in contact with border officials during the incident day. “We suspect there was an earlier investigation relating to Canada Customs,” he noted, suggesting that the suspect could have been in the vicinity after departing Canada Customs.

Expressing profound gratitude towards the victim’s family, Duguay commends, “I’d like to particularly thank the Marshall family for their patience throughout this grievous episode.” Highlighting the poignant effect on the community, he stated, “The loss of our officer earlier in the week, coupled with this tragic homicide, has understandably left our community grieving and searching for answers.”


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