Toronto Metropolitan University Suspends Men’s Soccer Amid Serious Conduct Investigation


Toronto Metropolitan University, previously known as Ryerson University, has announced the suspension of its men’s soccer team due to allegations of serious and unsettling behaviour. The institution advised it had received a report of such behaviour, both serious and disconcerting, prompting a comprehensive investigation.

This disclosure follows questions raised after the team forfeited several games over the weekend. The connection between the relinquished games and the unusual behaviour of the players is still under consideration.

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The Eyeopener, one of the student newspapers at the university, has suggested the misconduct is related to hazing rituals. However, a representative from Toronto Metropolitan University stated that the exact nature of the allegations has yet to be confirmed by the institution. The university refrained from confirming any further particulars, attributing the limited information release to the ongoing inquiry process.

It has been made clear that all activities involving the men’s soccer team are put on hold indefinitely until the investigation concludes and presents its findings. The university is committed to maintaining the integrity of the institution and the safety of its community.