Toronto Lotto Player Scores $500K, $94M Jackpot Still Up for Grabs


In an exhilarating phase of the Lotto Max draw that took place on Tuesday, a lucky participant from the Greater Toronto Area basked in the glory of a significant win. Despite this, the grand jackpot remains untouched and elusive, inflating the sum of the top prize for the forthcoming draw to a whopping estimated total of $94 million.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) oversaw the flow of good fortune that blessed numerous participants across Ontario during Tuesday’s draw. Among these, the most notable was a hefty maxmillion prize awarded to a ticket holder in Mississauga.

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The windfall proved to be a substantial gain for the ticket holder, who pocketed $500,000 in winnings. Notably, they shared the spoils of the $1 million prize with another fortunate participant hailing from Quebec.

In an exciting turn, the sizable $70 million jackpot remains unclaimed. As a result, OLG has forecasted an even more tantalizing lottery draw for Friday, with an estimated 24 maxmillion prizes of $1 million each up for grabs.

For those interested in the intricate play of chance and mathematics that plays out in each lottery draw, OLG unveiled the winning numbers for the Tuesday, May 28 draw on their website. For the main draw, the numbers were 02, 06, 09, 21, 22, 32, 43 with a bonus of 03. The Encore was 7042135, while the maxmillions saw a variety of combinations with numbers ranging from 01 to 50.

In similar news, another momentous Lotto 6/49 draw is also poised to take place on Wednesday night. The stakes are high with the Gold Ball jackpot standing at an impressive $56 million and the Classic jackpot maintaining its steadfast position at $5 million.

As winnings remain unclaimed and jackpots continue to rise, lottery enthusiasts can only anticipate what the forthcoming draws have in store, while hoping to claim their share of the ever-increasing prize money.

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